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Our Services

We provide repair services to all kinds of banking equipment like note counting machine, fake note detectors and any other machines that are used in the day to day activities of any office that falls under our inventory. Our main goal is to make banking automation and retail easier. We guarantee that our customers will be fully satisfied. We are open to any feed backs and are ready to take actions on any sort of improvements that are desired by our client base.

During Office hours, a business organization has to deal with a large number of customers. The equipment used are turned on all the time and has to endure a heavy load. The machines may not be able to function properly all the time and may break down eventually. We at Banking Automation are here on standby to fix any problems that you may encounter in your office equipment and ready to display results as soon as possible. Our maintenance team is highly experienced with an even higher efficiency. We guarantee you will be satisfied by our services and all your requirements will be handled accordingly.